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Do you own or lead a small to medium size business?
Do you want to build its value?

Working in the Cincinnati to Dayton, Ohio area, we offer focused and efficient CFO services, guided by the proven Value Builder System™. We help owners strengthen daily operations and grow the overall value of their businesses.

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To help solve time-sensitive, complex problems and manage risks, Na & Associates can also quickly bring in experienced advisors to complement in-house resources.

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working relationship.

What do your CFO Business Advisor Services look like?

For more than 30 years, our small business owners have come to Elizabeth for advice on strategic direction and analyses to guide operational and tax related decisions. Examples are:

Do you focus on a specific company size, location, or industry, or not?

We are particularly experienced in working with light manufacturing, software developers, and professional services as well as other service businesses. ...for size and location, click here.

Can you briefly describe how the Value Builder System™, the Questionnaire, and the results relate to a business?

Value Builder System™ has identified key drivers of the overall value of any business. These tackle critical variables such as financial performance, operational dependencies, revenue streams, growth potential, cash flow, organization's effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. learn about the Questionnaire & results, click here.

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Let's talk more about your specific needs, how you like to work, and where you want to start. Get to know us better. Call 513-792-9288 to set up an appointment with Elizabeth or send a quick email by clicking here.

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